"Revenue increases by 9% when online rating raises by 1 star." - Click here to read the proof from Harvard Business School

Customer Feedback Survey

Simple Loyalty System

Employee Feedback Survey

Increase Online Ratings

Get your best customers to leave online reviews, and proactively take actions to reduce the negative reviews . We change that equation.

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Grow Repeat Business

Your customers simply enter their phone number to log their visit into our simple loyalty system to receive rewards. Easy. Simple.

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Increase Employee Satisfaction

Employees are your first customers. We help you to hear their input. Spot business issues early.

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Feed Social Media

Use positive comments to spread the word. Share great reviews to your social media channels. Spread the good word.

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Text/ Email Alerts

When ratings are dipping with in a short span of time, something's up and you gotta know. We got you covered.

Daily Reports

Wake up with results from yesterday. Keep important information at your finger tips. We help you make data driven decisions.

Our App, Your Branding

Make the app on the tablet look like your own. Get your business logo and brand colors on the app.

Customize The System

Turn on or off features on demand. It's a flexible system that meets your needs.

On the iPad or Android tablet, go to App Store/ Play Store and search for "Measured Experience". Install the app and open it. Here is the Android App. iOS app coming soon.

Download the Android App   Download the iPad App

Sign up for an account. All we need is your email address. That's it. Go through the set up wizard which takes less than 5 minutes to setup your system. The app will run the program after setup.

Place the tablet where customers have easy access, or hand it over as part of your process for more impact. For best results, come up with a nice incentive to receive customer feedback. You are done!

Yep, it's that simple.

Use Your Own Tablet (Self Service)

Got a spare tablet? Put it to use. We provide the app and all the software that drives the system.

$19 Per Month

Try It Free

No credit card required to sign up

Price per location, no limit on number of devices

Turnkey Solution (Let us do the lifting)

Let's take care of you from end to end. We provide you the tablets, mounting hardware, all the software. We configure and setup everything. You just sit back and make data driven decisions.

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$83 billion per year is lost due to poor customer experience. Source

A Restaurant Increases Yelp Rating and Reviews

Their Yelp ratings went from 2.5 to 3.5 stars with in 9 months. their number of reviews were 22 for 3 years, after MX, the number raised to 55. See it on Yelp for your self.

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A Medical Clinic Improves Patient Service

The clinic found and fixed problems that went unnoticed before. Spread the good words from customers on to their web site.

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Like to know how we can make your business better?

Front-line employee feedback helps you discover problems that directly affect the customer experience, after all they are the customer touch points of your business.

Oh India Restaurant Bellevue, WA


Port Of Seattle Seattle, WA

Neospine Puyallup, WA


Eastside Wellness & Primary Care Bellevue, WA


Do you have spare tablet? Put it to good use.

We helped a restaurant increase their Yelp rating from 2.5 to 3.5 stars organically, and number of reviews from 22 to 55 in an year and collect 6000 responses at their business. See the proof.


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