Printing Survey Codes On Receipts Is So 1999 and Ineffective. Upgrade To 2014 Technology - The Tablet - And Multiply Number Of Responses

11 Mar 2014, Measured Experience
Obviously after investing in a million dollars to setup your customer feedback system - a website, the printing on receipts - you expect survey results pouring in. Don't you? But if you cared about the customer feedback, then why use the most effective method to collect feedback? Are you ready to spend a thousandth of cost you spent on the code-on-receipt-survey-system and multiply the responses by 20 times or more?

Why Should You Use MX and Why A Generic Survey Doesn't Cut It

31 Oct 2013, Measured Experience
Measuring experience is science and an art. Your generic survey won't cut it. Most people don't even ask right questions when they create a survey using online survey tools such as Survey Monkey or Survey Gizmo. MX has perfected the art of asking right questions, right way, and under 20 seconds.

Getting Feedback From Customers Is A Hard Problem

18 Oct 2013, Measured Experience
A business owner proclaimed it was hard to get feedback, but somehow, unhappy customers get a megaphone. We asked to explain. And yes, indeed it was a hard problem. So MX took on the challenge to improve the feedback system and help the business improve reputation.