Online Reputation Management Is Easy When The Offline Experience Is Good

Measured Experience, Inc
30 Oct 2013

When you are a brick and mortar business, it used to be that you don't have to worry about online reputation. But now, it has all changed and all business, not matter the size or domain, need to worry about online reputation. But offline businesses are helpless or sometimes simply clueless about how to have good online reputation. There are few things you could do to keep up the good ratings on websites like Yelp, Trip Advisor, Dex Knows etc.

  1. Ignoring internet is not an option. Especially when your revenue is driven by it. So take control of your online presence.
  2. Have a website, facebook page and twitter account.
  3. Post about what's happening in your business regularly
  4. When your customers leave good comments, tell the world about it.
  5. Keep your customers engaged all the time

It is not easy, by any means, to tackle with one more avenue, when you already have tons to do, just to run the business. This is where services like Measured Experience can help. While we don't build website for you, we can certainly make it easy to capture feedback on-site and allow you to easily share good stuff with your customers with few clicks.

Now, how do I use offline customer experience to influence online reputation?

Step one is to capture every one of your customer's attention right after they experienced your service. You can do this by presenting a simple customer satisfaction survey. And when they leave a good rating, gently remind them to check you out online. But remember, we don't want to push them to leave a review on yelp or a similar website, we simply want to remind them to look you up online. Some of your customers will take note and check your business out online. Trust us, we have tried this, it works, we have seen increment of number of reviews.

Step two is care for the feedback. Not just capturing it, but actually use the information to drive your decisions. It helps a lot to fix simple issues that customers have bothered to let you know. Constantly monitor the feedback, so you could act on issues immediately.

Step three is to broadcast voice of your customer online - in your Twitter account, website, Facebook page etc. It just helps to spread the good word.

If you are worried about online reputation, give Measured Experience a shot, the results might surprise you.