Printing Survey Codes On Receipts Is So 1999 and Ineffective. Upgrade To 2014 Technology - The Tablet - And Multiply Number Of Responses

Measured Experience, Inc
11 Mar 2014

Let's say you are the person sitting in the corporate office of Qdoba Grill or Panera Bread, and responsible for listening to the voice of the customer. What do you do? You hire a company to setup a website to take an online survey. Then you rig your cash registers to print a unique survey code. And then here is the big woops......

You expect your customer who had been your store do this:

  1. Motivated to give you feedback (yeah, the prize draws some interest, we give you that)
  2. Go home and remember to do it
  3. Get online and go to your website
  4. Input the freaking long (12-24 digits, no less) survey code
  5. Complete the survey which is long again.....

It's ridiculous. There are so many steps involved to have a customer leave you feedback, you might as well not care about it. It's so 1999, it just boggles our minds.

Alright - there is no point ridiculing without actually giving a solution now, is there? We have built a solution that lets you take feedback from customer where they are actually present. In your store, consuming your products. You could take the feedback from them right there. Instantly. You can even get alerts. What can on-site, dedicated tablets for feedback can solve for you?

  1. Accessibility : Take away the barriers to leave feedback. See above for the steps and each step is another reason to not to give feedback. A tablet on-site is always on and it only takes a touch to leave feedback

  2. Selective Hearing : When there are so many barriers to leave you feedback, you filter out almost all of your customers and listen to very selective group motivated by the prize or may a very happy customer. You leave our the unhappy or worse - leave out the customers who just don't care to comeback - who had just 'meh' experience. A tablet sitting in your store can increase the range of your customers leaving feedback.

  3. Delayed Knowledge: Some one didn't show up and there is huge back log and unhappy customers at the store - RIGHT NOW. You will not get a hint of it until it's too late. And you have no power to fix it when it happens again. MX could change that. You can be alerted when negative rating is pouring in. You can take action when the problem is happening.

  4. Employees Don't Talk : Some businesses have revolving doors - no, no, not the heat saving kind - ones where employees are keep going and new ones are coming in. High attrition rate means high training costs and low productivity, and most importantly low morale. You can have employees leave you feedback every single day and spot issues way ahead, instead of the day an employee quits.

  5. Loyalty : It usually takes a lot to build a loyalty system - companies spend multi-million dollars on loyalty systems. It may make sense to big corporation doing multi-billion dollars in revenues. But so many small and medium sized businesses cannot even think about it. MX has a super simple, instant loyalty system. It's your tablet and our software.

  6. Online Ratings : Do probably already know this - the ratio of poor vs good rating online does not reflect the actual ration of poor vs good rating at your business. It's because more unhappy people go out to leave reviews where happy people don't. You can do something to balance this unfair system. We have seen taking online feedback - looping with newsletter - and sharing good comments on social media - and just suggesting to leave review on Yelp when they take the survey has dramatic effects on online ratings. We have solid proof.

And it's inexpensive. It only costs few bucks per month to do all this. We are talking about 100's vs 100 thousands per month in difference. If you care about listening to the voice of the customer - go all the way in. No point just doing little.