'Tablets are for consumers and computers are for creators' - it is the often heard sentence around tech circles. But tablets can also be business tools, let us show how and why

Measured Experience, Inc
05 Feb 2014

You must have heard it: "Post-PC-Era", "Computers are dead" and "Mobile is everywhere" - and it's all true. The tablet devices - iPads and thier Android equivalents have become the consumer's go-to computing device. But why stop at consumers? These portable, capable devices should be working as business tools too, right?

Yes, and this revolution is just getting started. Square is the first one to burst on the scene with a credit card swiper for mobile devices and now Measured Experience has it's own payment kiosk solution. But the business applications need not have to stop there. MX is connecting the reality with virtual world in the following ways.

  1. Digital Displays : A kiosk in your premises showing whatever information you want - ads, announcements, coupons, news etc...

  2. Customer Feedback Systems : Always ready, available and dedicated feedback kiosks improve number of responses by multifold. We have seen 30 to 40 times improvement (Not 30-40 percent, mind you, times!).

  3. News Letter, Loyalty Sign-up Stations: Engage your customers while they are on your premises. Thinking that they will go online and find you on Facebook is ridiculous. You need to pro-actively seek the engagement. And our kiosks can help you do that.

  4. Daily Employee Feedback Systems : When you are an absentee owner, you are on the premises of your business to know what is going on. You can have your employees report you important information everyday. This will establish a communication channel to the business owners and the employees, especially franchisee businesses. This will also reduce the employee turn-over, slows down the revolving door.

  5. Payment Kiosks or Point-Of-Sale Systems : At charity events, prayer houses you should have payment kiosks on-site to collect the donations when people are most moved and ready. When fund raising is the priority, do everything you can to maximize the amount.

And here is the best part: One tablet kiosks can do all these. You can schedule and have your tablet kiosk do what you want when you want.