What Gets Measured, Gets Done. So, You Need Measure Customer Experience.

Measured Experience, Inc
12 Nov 2013

Have you heard about the phrase What's get measured, gets done? As the study says, you as a business owner should know your Key Performance Metrics (KPI). So, when you care about your customer satisfaction, you should measure it. But how do you measure customer experience when it seems to be so subjective? Is there a thermostat, so to speak, for measuring customer experience like temperature? And how does such measuring process influence online reputation?

Measuring Is First Step To Take Control

We do have a measuring meter for customer satisfaction, that's what we do. One touch is all it needs from your customers. You could see a simple setup at one of your customers here. It only takes about 20 seconds to take our custom designed feedback survey.

How Does Online Reputation Improve With MX?

Does your online ratings reflect your service satisfaction levels? Most likely not. On a percentage basis, there are probably more negative reviews than the positive reviews while the reality is that more customers had good experience than poor experience. Why is this? It is because your happy customers are not motivated or do not care enough to leave you online review. On the other hand, unhappy customers are motivated to spread the word. So, you need to get more people to review your business online.

1. MX asks your customers to check you out on yelp

We show simple flash card for 2 seconds when a customer leaves feedback using our tablet app. This flash card works like any other visual advertisement, only about 1% of people are influenced by it, to act on the suggestion. But lucky for us, that is plenty, because we don't want your Yelp or Trip Advisor profile to be swamped. Because those sites will flag the new reviews as spam. Slow and steady wins the race here. And mind you, we are not asking specifically of positive review here, we are simply asking them to check us out online, that's all.

2. You need to reward customers for leaving an email address

We have noticed significant rise in number of people who leave email address when you have a monthly drawing to give something away, or offer a discount coupon for all. The email address then serves as a tool for you to know your customers better. You would send them a follow-up email with information to claim their reward for giving you their contact information.

3. Follow up with customers who left email address

In marketing, email addresses have a certain dollar value, depending upon your service, it varies between $10 to $50. The customers who left an email address have shown you their brand loyalty, right away. Please followup with them. Without spamming, communicate with them occasionally and pursue them with offers to get them spread the word, including asking them to check you out on social media, online review websites and recommend you to friends.

It Works

Cumulatively, it all adds up. You would not only receive feedback on the site, you will see your business reputation improving online. We have seen great results with some of our customers. Having MX system helped them improve their service by identifying the precise problems. More people have left online reviews - from no one leaving a review for eight months to 15 more reviews in 6 months. Yelp ratings have improved from 2.5 stars to 3 stars. See it for yourself here.

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