Why Should You Use MX and Why A Generic Survey Doesn't Cut It

Measured Experience, Inc
31 Oct 2013

Measured Experience does two things - 1) allow you to measure the experience your customers are perceiving, 2) allow you to use that information to drive online ratings. How do we do it?

Five Compelling Reasons To Use MX To Get Results

  1. No barrier to leave feedback. One touch and it is done. Your customers could just touch a star rating on the screen and walk away. It takes one second and they already have left you valuable information. Compare this to downloading/opening an app - there 7 to 8 steps involved to leave feedback on a mobile phone app.

  2. We flash a screen, just for couple of seconds, asking your customers to check your business out online review websites such as Yelp, Trip Advisor, Dex Knows etc. Only a few customers do, but that is enough to give your business a boost with online reviews. Do you know only 2% of internet users leave online reviews? We just need few of your passionate customers to follow through.

  3. This one is obvious - know the numbers on customer satisfaction because measuring is first step to getting anything done. MX identifies precise reasons why your customers are having a poor experience. MX also shows you trends, alerts you when poor experience is received, and notifies you when your tablet devices are down.

  4. MX has created this short ratings survey after many experiments, iterations and tests. We have perfected this to work. We are constantly improving our ratings survey to do one thing right - that is measuring customer experience.

  5. We also have turnkey solutions, because when you are running a business you want to focus on your core competency. Leave it to MX to setup all the hardware, foot the upfront costs of the hardware and deliver you a service that simply works. Of course, if you want use your own tablets, you can still use our powerful software to get results.

The reasons above clearly show why MX is needed, not a traditional survey. You, as a business owner or manager, don't have to wonder how your customers like your service. Instead, you will just know.