How does collecting customer feedback magically improve online reputation?

Hint: It's neither magical, nor swift - it's a culmination of multiple factors that collectively effect the change.

It's all about closing the feedback loop. There are multiple forces at work here.

  • The system provides an outlet to vent
  • The system gives you a chance to fix problems, so they stop with just one customer.
  • The system suggests happy customers to leave online reviews. When we show this a thousand people, over a period of time, a small percentage of customers respond, enough to influence online ratings and reviews.
  • Your loyalty system creates a customer base that promote your business and best kind of reputation is by word of mouth.
  • Customers who signed up for newsletter are requested to leave an unbiased online review along with other offers
  • You can distribute the good comments in your social media channels.
  • You can setup a public page on our site, to show off your ratings and good comments, helps for SEO and your own page to stand against other rating websites.

See - there is no magic. Just an effective strategy.

You can also sign up for free and download our tablet app to start exploring.


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